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  • Brothers on the Rise students listen to a panel of environmental experts and learn about careers in the environment.

    SPAWN Provides Redwood Education to Oakland Students from Brothers on the Rise

    March 31st, 2016

    Turtle Island's SPAWN wrapped up a three-day redwood and outdoor education experience for underserved students from Oakland, Calif. f Brothers on the Rise, a non-profit whose mission addresses the great need for broad-based implementation of preventive, empowerment pipeline programs for boys and young men of color.

Sea Turtles

  • econ-report-cover

    California’s Driftnet Fishery: A Costly Toll on the State Economy

    April 26th, 2016

    Turtle Island's new report ‘The Economic Argument Against the California Driftnet Fishery’ outlines how the California driftnet fishery costs more to operate than the wealth that is created by the fishery. The just-released-report examines new data that shows the cost of regulating this dirty fishery would substantially decrease if the California swordfish fishery used more sustainable gear instead of mile-long driftnets.

  • Photo by Gatrfan

    Dead Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles Found on Texas Beaches on Anniversary of BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

    April 22nd, 2016

    Six years ago the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill spewed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico impacting endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles. Volunteers with Turtle Island patrolling the coast for nesting sea turtles have recently been shocked to find dead sea turtles on the beach.

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    Take the Plastic Bag Challenge! Go Single-use Plastic Bag Free

    April 22nd, 2016

    In support of Turtle Island & Surfrider Foundations Bring the Bag campaign, the City of Galveston is challenging residents, visitors and tourists to “take the challenge” of going single-use plastic bag free from April 22nd, Earth Day, to May 30th, Memorial Day.

  • Photo by Sheryl Holden

    Dead Kemp’s Ridleys Washing Up on Texas Beaches

    April 20th, 2016

    Volunteers with Turtle Island patrolling the Upper Texas Coast for nesting sea turtles have been shocked to find dead sea turtles on the beach. The volunteers have found five dead endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles on their routes in Galveston and Surfside. The dead sea turtles bolster ongoing calls for increased actions to limit shrimp trawling and for the building of a sea turtle rehab hospital on the Upper Texas coast.

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