4 Star 88x31Globally, shark species are facing steep declines in many populations. Indiscriminate industrial fishing has reduced the biomass of large predators such as tunas and sharks by up to 90 percent since the 1950s. Turtle Island is working to protect shark populations by reducing the capture in industrial fishing operations, challenging the shark fin trade, and conducting research to develop the scientific basis for protected areas and policy change. Read more below to learn about our work to protect sharks.


Action & Events

Tell Fishery Managers: End Deadly Driftnets

May 26, 2017

Tell the Pacific Fishery Management Council to require fishermen to replace harmful drift gillnets with safer gear.

Defend our Marine Monuments

May 8, 2017

Sign our petition asking Secretary of the Interior Zinke to defend protections for 5 national marine monuments.

Attorneys Wanted: Representation Needed to Protect Ocean Wildlife

May 2, 2017

It is time to take the fight against wildlife trafficking from the coast to the courts. The National Whistleblower Center (NWC) recently launched its Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program, and it is n...


Lawsuit Launched to Stop Deaths and Injuries to Whales from California Drift Gillnet Fishery

June 22, 2017

In response to the Trump Administration killing a rule last week that would protect whales, Turtle Island Restoration Network filed a formal notice o...

New Threat to West Coast Whales, Dolphins, and Sea Turtles

June 12, 2017

"The Trump administration has declared war on whales, dolphins and turtles off the coast of California,” said Todd Steiner

Trump Names BP Oil Spill Lawyer as Top Environmental Attorney

June 7, 2017

According to several news sources, including Law360.com and Inside Climate News, President Trump has named Jeffrey Bossert Clark, the lawyer who re...


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