4 Star 88x31Globally, shark species are facing steep declines in many populations. Indiscriminate industrial fishing has reduced the biomass of large predators such as tunas and sharks by up to 90 percent since the 1950s. Turtle Island is working to protect shark populations by reducing the capture in industrial fishing operations, challenging the shark fin trade, and conducting research to develop the scientific basis for protected areas and policy change. Read more below to learn about our work to protect sharks.


Action & Events

Costa Rica: Don’t Break Promises to Protect Endangered Sea Turtles and Sharks

January 1, 2017

Costa Rica used to be known as the shining beacon in protecting our oceans. But now, the new Costa Rican President is threatening to roll back protections for endangered sea turtles and sharks.

Canada: Protect Thresher Sharks Now

January 1, 2017

Take action by sending an email to the Prime Minister of Canada urging him to support increased listings of thresher sharks at CITES.

Tell U.S. Airline Carriers Not to Fly Shark Fins

January 1, 2017

An estimated 100 million sharks are killed each year, and many of those sharks are killed for their fins alone. Please ask U.S. airlines to say 'no' to flying shark fins from ports to plates.


Scuba Dive with Hammerhead Sharks at Cocos Island, Costa Rica

January 2, 2017

Come scuba dive with hammerhead sharks! Right now you can join our August 4 – 14, 2017 expedition (10-day trip on the Argo)!

SHARE the Truth about the Deadly Impact of California Driftnets for Swordfish

January 1, 2017

NBC Bay Area produced an investigative story on California driftnets & the harm they cause to marine wildlife. Please help us share the truth about th...

Marin-Based Non-profit Turtle Island Featured in New United Nations Publication

December 20, 2016

Turtle Island Restoration Network, a leading ocean and marine conservation organization, is featured in the United Nation’s newest publication The F...


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