Revitalizing Rain Reaches Roy’s Restoration!

By May 2, 2009Uncategorized

Yes! The first weekend in May brought heavy rains – a welcomed sight for the health of our watershed. Many volunteers worked through the fluctuating torrents to completely cover the North Creekside with mulch! Aside from adding to the asthetic element of the site, the mulch will help maintain erosion and provide ground cover for the many species of native plants along the path. Volunteers also kept hard at work eliminating the invasive himalayan blackberry roots that continue to plague the site. Some maintenance work was also done on a two year old bio-engineering site further upstream. A few volunteers planted dogwood and alder along the creek, which will provide shade and shelter for our little finned friends. With the help of several San Francisco State students, we accomplished a great deal, and are looking forward to displaying our work on next weekend’s Eco-Tour : Please join us!