Reward For Reporting Sea Turtle Mutilation

By May 19, 2008Sea Turtles

History was made again on the Texas coast on May 16 when the most Kemp’s ridley nests found on any single day was recorded. Nineteen nests were found including nine at the Padre Island National Seashore, five on South Padre Island; three on Boca Chica Beach, one on Mustang Island and one on San Jose Island. This was the most Kemp’s ridley nests documented on the Texas coast in a single day since record-keeping began in 1980, according to Dr. Donna Shaver, Chief, Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery. Padre Island National Seashore,National Park Service. So far this year, 78 Kemp’s ridley nests have been confirmed on the Texas coast.

Unfortunately, at least 12 possible cases of mutilation to have been recorded including a sea turtle at the National Seashore on May 8 with all flippers and its head cut off plus removal of internal organs. I contacted federal law enforcement and asked for an investigation into this inhumane finding. Although sharks are known to attack sea turtles, an investigation is needed to prove that it was a shark attack.

Thousands of dollars of reward money are available from the federal government if a report of killing an endangered sea turtle leads to arrest and prosecution. Anyone having information about the killing of a sea turtle should call the NOAA law enforcement Hotline (800) 853-1964 and report it.