Below is a sample letter you can send to restaurants, groceries, etc. to ask them to stop selling unsustainably-caught swordfish:

Dear [Business Name/Owner/Manager],

My name is [Your Name Here]. I am writing to you today requesting that [Business Name] stop selling unsustainably-caught swordfish. Longlines and driftnets are two of the most commonly used gears to catch swordfish. These fishing methods produce large amounts of bycatch, or fish that are caught but not retained. In addition to catching swordfish, longlines and driftnets inadvertently hook and entangle whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, and many other marine species.

There are alternatives to longlines and driftnets available and I ask [Business Name] to look into these options. Deep-set buoy gear and harpoon caught swordfish are the most sustainable options on the market; these methods produce virtually zero bycatch. As a concerned customer who cares deeply about the health of the ocean and its inhabitants, I will no longer patronize [Business Name] until the source of swordfish served no longer threatens ocean wildlife. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope to see a change for the better at [Business Name] in the future.


[Your Name Here]