San Francisco Chronicle publishes a letter to the editor by warning about the rise of mercury in seafood

By April 23, 2011Got Mercury?

The San Francisco Chronicle published a letter to the editor written by about the rise of mercury in seafood and encouraging fish eaters to utilize the mercury in seafood calculator to better protect their health.

The letter as printed:

The danger of mercury is growing in sea life, our fish supply and our bodies, yet what’s being done? No laws require posting of mercury-in-fish warnings in stores or restaurants, though eating seafood is the No. 1 source of mercury in our diets.

The bigger the fish – such as swordfish, shark and tuna – the more mercury the fish will contain.

Too much mercury is toxic to women, children and the unborn. Yet tuna companies say they should all eat more.

By checking fish-mercury exposure levels at the calculator, we can make safer fish choices.

Buffy Martin-Tarbox, Campaign Coordinator,, San Francisco
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