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    Gulf of Mexico Sea Turtle Protection

    Turtle Island’s Gulf of Mexico Office and our Sea Turtle Restoration Project protect endangered sea turtles and biodiversity throughout the Gulf. Learn more and join us!

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    Save Sea Turtles from Shrimping

    Shrimp nets are dragged along ocean bottoms and are the Number 1 killer of sea turtles, including Endangered Kemp’s ridleys. Join us in reducing the impact of the world’s most wasteful fishery.

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    End California’s Driftnet Fishery

    Mile long invisible driftnets for swordfish and sharks also capture and drown endangered sea turtles and a myriad of other species. Help us call for an end to California's deadliest fishery.

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    Defend Sea Turtles from Hawaii’s Longline Fishery

    Setting over 45 million baited hooks/year for swordfish and tuna, Hawaii longliners capture and drown four species of Threatened and Endangered sea turtles. Help us reform this destructive industrial fishery.

  • Photo by Shmulik Blum

    Marine Protected Swimways for Pacific Leatherbacks & Green Turtles

    Join us on a scuba diving research expedition to Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica to tag sea turtles and to understand their migrations. This data will be used to advocate for a protected swimway.