Sea Turtle Deaths in Gulf Oils Spill Trigger Action

By June 23, 2010Sea Turtles

With at least 535 sea turtles impacted by the deadly duo of the oil spill and commercial fishers taking shortcuts in the confusion that is the Gulf of Mexico, it is clear that action must be taken immediately to improve recovery operations. Our alert last week woke up the nation to the fact that endangered sea turtles were being burned alive in BP’s oil corrals to “burn boxes”. This week, officials at Unified Command are now promising to place biological observers on burn boats to report sea turtles, and boat operations to recover sea turtles may increase soon.

I was interviewed on this situation yesterday; click here to listen to the interview with the Endangered Species Coalition for their podcast.

Visit our Action Center to add your voice to the thousands who have already called for an end to the “Boom and Burn of Sea Turtles” in the BP-led Gulf cleanup operations.