Our Central American campaigner Randall Arauz is in town this week from Costa Rica sharing his incredible work to save endangered sea turtles and sharks. On Monday night at the Dance Palace in Pt. Reyes Station in West Marin (north of San Francisco), he offered an amazing program about plans to expand nesting protection on the Pacific coast of Costa Rican to more beaches in order to stop the decline of the leatherback.

He also told about how his working tagging hammerhead sharks in the Cocos Islands has resulted in new discoveries about the migrating patterns of these large, and disappearing, predators. Shark-finning is taking a huge toll on these unique sharks. As a result of his findings on leatherback and hammerhead swimming patterns, we are preparing to launch a new campaign to protect the marine swimways off the coasts of Costa Rica and Ecuador from detrimental fishing and other activities. Come back to learn more. Randall’s presentation on sea turtles, sharks and Cocos Islands will soon be posted on our website.