Several Super Saturdays!

By April 4, 2009Uncategorized

The first two restoration days in April were wonderful! Although we had smaller groups of volunteers, we accomplished a great deal. The 4th was spent performing maintenance on young redwoods and coyote brush planted last year. These guys were being overtaken by large patches of poison hemlock and thistle. Several of us got quite the workout clearing the weeds and mulching around our redwoods. We also layed down cardboard which will help our little trees hold water during the dry months ahead. What a transformation we made at this site! April 11th was spent digging up the last remaining roots (or so we hope) of blackberry at our main site at Roy’s Pools. The last remnants of a large bramble of invasive Himalayan Blackberry were ripped from the ground to make way for extensive planting of Beeplant, or California Figwort. We also planted some wild cucumber from our nursery alongside its naturally-occurring brethren. We also watered all of our plantings – something that will become more and more crucial as the summer months approach. NEXT SATURDAY will be our fabulous Earth Day Restoration ~ snacks, refreshments, plenty of plants and a great chance to learn more about the work we do at SPAWN! Come on out and give back to Mother Earth while having a great time!