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    Increasing Global Protections for Sharks

    The protection of sharks internationally is a patchwork of national laws, unenforceable international instruments, and ineffective fisheries-based prohibitions. Turtle Island is working to shift the baseline to win increases in enforceable protections for sharks both globally and on national levels.

  • Research Expedition: Conservation Diving at Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Join a research expedition to Cocos Island, Costa Rica and work alongside scientists tagging and censusing sea turtles and sharks! Join us in December 2018!

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    Whale Shark Conservation

    We are tagging and tracking whale sharks in the Eastern Tropical Pacific to monitor their migratory patterns to better inform conservation methods.

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    Defend Sharks from Hawaii’s Longline Fishery

    Setting over 45 million baited hooks/year for swordfish and tuna, Hawaii longliners capture and kill shark species including blue, oceanic white tip, silky and the rare crocodile sharks.

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    Tag Hammerhead Sharks

    Join Turtle Island for a shark diving expedition of a lifetime in Costa Rica's Cocos Island National Park and World Heritage site. Swim with and tag sharks to help us advocate for protected swimways.

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    Tell California to End Driftnets & Protect Sharks

    Over 10,000 near threatened blue sharks were caught and discarded in California's drift net fishery over the last 10 years. Help us call for the end of this fishery once and for all.