One of the first silky sharks Turtle Island tagged was caught at Wolf Island in the Galapagos Marine Reserve (GMR), back in 2010. In September that year, it appeared in the surrounding waters of Clipperton Island, 1367 miles (2200 km) away from its tagging location at Wolf Island in the GMR.

This chart shows the current record for shark migration in the Eastern Tropical Pacific monitored by the MigraMar network.

The record-setting female silky shark, measuring approximately 1.9 meters in total length, was tagged with an internal ultrasonic chip. The shark remained in Galapagos waters for approximately two months where it was last detected on May 1, 2010.


Since then, its whereabouts remained unknown until its September 18, 2010 detection near Clipperton Island, where it remained for one month. It then returned to Galapagos in April 2011, completing a 2734 mile (4400 km) round trip.