Super Saturday

By April 12, 2008Uncategorized

Saturday’s volunteer group was remarkable!

Things started off with Chris Pincetich, SPAWN’s new Watershed Biologist, recruiting volunteer, Angie, all the way from the East Bay! Smolt trap monitoring was the first task of the day. For the first and one of the very few mornings that Director, Todd Steiner, was not in attendance, Chris, Angie, Kevin, and Jenny traveled from trap to trap geared up in waders and ready to see what the traps would reveal! With Coho and Steelhead smolts, 2 crayfish, and some lamprey as the catch of the day, things were off to a fun start!

After the traps were monitored, there was a smooth transition into SPAWN’s first salmonid rescue effort of 2008. Even more volunteers came out for this! Mel and Nancy added to the fun. Shortly after his morning radio interview, SPAWN Director Todd Steiner made a special trip to visit the fish rescue team. He came equipt with better nets, so that everyone could participate and work together. Though he was busy, he still could not resist taking a couple of dips with the ol’ net to help save some salmonids! After wishing us well, and leaving the fish in able hands, the volunteers worked until they found 250 fry to relocate downstream to a stable and safe portion of Arroyo Creek. After the transfer, guess what? More volunteering and restoration work!

Those that were able headed over to Roy’s Pools to meet up with Tom and a new volunteer, Robbie, to take on some creek-side restoration. Some nasty non-native and invasive blackberry was removed while sedge, elk clover, and beautiful creek dogwood were planted. What a great day of work! From quiet moments together, to fighting battles with invasive species, to good hearted jokes, and love-filled plantings, you can’t go wrong with this bunch! The volunteers are such a fun and positive group that there is so much true enjoyment! I wish everyone could experience the good times we have, so come on along!