Please consider making a bequest to Turtle Island Restoration Network through your will or other estate planning document. Your gift of any size will help us save marine wildlife, and the oceans and watersheds you care about. You can specify the species or program you would like to support, or let us direct your gift where it is most needed.

For specific language to include Turtle Island Restoration Network and our programs in your will or other document, and for more information, click here.  If you have named us in your will, please consider contacting us at 1-800-859-7283 or to let us know of your bequest plans.  Thank you!

Life Income Gifts

If you are considering a bequest, you may wish to consider the benefits of a life income trust and discuss them with your financial advisor. Life income gifts may offer tax, financial, and/or estate planning advantages.  Generally, a life income gift pays income to you or a beneficiary you choose for a set term of years or for a lifetime. After the conclusion of the term, or upon the death of the last income beneficiary, the remainder left in the life income gift is distributed to Turtle Island Restoration Network.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

You may wish to consider the benefits of a charitable remainder trust and discuss them with your financial advisor.  A charitable remainder trust is an arrangement in which you transfer cash, securities, or real estate to a trust that provides you, (or someone else you choose) with an income based on a fixed percentage (at least 5%) of the trust’s assets. The terms of the trust can be tailored to your specific financial and charitable goals. Due to the nature of this type of vehicle, $100,000 is the minimum necessary to establish a charitable remainder trust.

Other Planned Gifts

In addition to the gift options described above, gifts may be made to Turtle Island Restoration Network and our conservation initiatives including life insurance, gifts from tax deferred qualified retirement accounts, and other financial vehicles.  Please review your personal situation with a retirement plan administrator, tax professional or financial advisor to determine whether these options are right for you.

Thank you for your consideration of a planned gift to help the sea turtles, salmon, sharks and other marine wildlife. Please contact for any assistance in your planning at 1-800-859-7283 or