Please considered donating appreciated stocks and mutual funds to help the oceans through a gift to Turtle Island Restoration Network.  Benefits of giving shares that have increased in value include:

  • Use the value of your investment to help marine wildlife and the oceans
  • Avoid capital gains taxes
  • Deduct the full value of the investments you donate from your income taxes
  • Make a larger gift for less expense

How to Make an Electronic Stock Transfer

We request that you send stocks via DTC transfer (electronic transfer from your brokerage to our brokerage) to minimize paper transactions and processing delays. When making the transfer, you or your transferring broker must provide:

  • Your Name and Complete Address
  • Name and Number of Shares Transferred
  • Your Broker’s Name and Telephone Number
  • Approximate Dollar Value of the Donation

The following information is provided to enable your broker to transfer stock directly to Turtle Island Restoration Network (which is the parent nonprofit of conservation initiatives including the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Salmon Protection and Watershed Network, Shark Conservation Program and Got Mercury):
Financial Institution: Charles Schwab
DTC: 0164
Account #: 9154-5095
Account holder: Turtle Island Restoration Network
Federal ID#: 91-1818080
Phone: (415) 663-8590
Please ask your broker to fax a copy of the transfer request to our fax number: (415) 663-8594 so that we will can verify receipt of your donation or email a scan to