Recognizing that chemicals commonly found in sunscreens and personal care products can be dangerous in marine ecosystems, Turtle Island Restoration Network has partnered with Stream2Sea to develop an educational campaign for its members.

When you shop with Steam2Sea and use our coupon code ‘seaturtle’, you will receive 10% off your order and a portion of the proceeds goes toward our work protecting sea turtles!

“More and more people are beginning to realize that what they put on their bodies DOES make a difference,” notes Todd Steiner, Turtle Island Restoration Network’s executive director. “We’re finding microplastics in the Gulf of Mexico and currently urging the Maui County Council to ban the sale and use of coral-killing chemicals in sunscreen products. Stream2Sea is the only sunscreen tested by a third party to be reef-safe for coral larva, as well as fish and C elegans. Plus its products are sold in tubes made from sugarcane or jars manufactured using recycled milk bottles, saving our oceans from plastic debris.”