Be a part of the urgent campaign to protect ocean wildlife by boycotting unsustainably-caught swordfish.

We’re working to change the practices of consumers, restaurants and groceries – to get them to 1) stop all sales/consumption of swordfish, or 2) sell/consume only swordfish caught by fishing methods that do not threaten our ocean ecosystems and wildlife.

This is a step-by-step guide to how you can participate in the boycott. We’re here to support you each step of the way.

Please see how to participate below and contact our advocacy and policy director, Cassie Burdyshaw, at cburdyshaw@tirn.net with any questions or to participate further.

Step 1: Say “no” to swordfish that was caught using fishing methods that threaten our ocean ecosystems and wildlife.

The easiest way to make sure that you’re not eating swordfish that was caught using unsustainable fishing methods is to not eat swordfish at all. If you are going to eat swordfish, avoid swordfish that was caught using longlines or drift gillnets. You can learn more about the different methods of swordfish fishing here.

Step 2: Sign and share the pledge not to eat swordfish that threatens our ocean ecosystems and wildlife.

Sign the pledge here.

Step 3: Tell restaurants and groceries to stop selling unsustainably-caught swordfish.

Our list of targeted restaurants and groceries is growing all the time, but you can find some restaurants to get started with here. You can let restaurants and groceries to be responsible and not sell swordfish that was caught using fishing methods that threaten our ocean ecosystems and wildlife through a variety of actions.

1. Send a letter.

2.Personalizing your letter will encourage managers to pay more attention to your request.

3. Call the restaurant or grocery and voice your opinion. Need a sample script?

4. Visit restaurants and markets in person to let them know you prefer to eat and shop at businesses that do not support the destruction of ocean wildlife.

Step 4: Volunteer 

For more info or to volunteer, please email Tiffany Duong at tiffany@tirn.net. Volunteers helps us:

1. Research. Add to our list of restaurants that sell swordfish. Our volunteer researchers have found hundreds of restaurants that sell swordfish, but many more need to be added to the list in order for us to reach out to them.

2. Lead a boycott. Volunteer to be a captain of conservation by leading the boycott effort for your area. You could be in charge of the boycott effort for a particular restaurant, a city or more!

Step 5: Sign up for boycott updates.

Join our email list by signing the pledge. 

Step 6: Spread the word about the swordfish boycott.

1. You can check out our social media kit with suggested Facebook and Twitter posts.

2. Be a social media ambassador. You can leave comments and write to the authors of online articles promoting eating swordfish, and contact news outlets asking for coverage.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor in support of the boycott. Read our Guide to Writing a Letter to the Editor for helpful tips and a sample letter.

Step 7: Be a shareholder activist.

Ralphs (Kroger), Safeway and Whole Foods (Amazon) sell unsustainably-caught swordfish. If you are a shareholder with any of these companies, use your position to influence change. Please contact Tiffany Duong at tiffany@tirn.net to learn more and help with this effort.