Swordfish Swordfish are amazing animals that use their great speed and agility in the water to catch their prey, but they’re no match for industrial fishing, and neither are the other species caught alongside them. That’s why Turtle Island Restoration Network launched the unsustainably caught swordfish boycott to stop the slaughter from deadly driftnets and lethal longlines.

Fisheries use billions of hooks and thousands of miles of nets in the ocean to catch swordfish, but they also catch sea turtles, whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife every day. In many cases, these fisheries kill and waste more ocean life than is consumed. Some of these wasted animals are endangered species, such as sperm whales and leatherback sea turtles.

Swordfish, caught with these industrial fishing methods that decimate ocean wildlife, are sold as a luxury food at hundreds of businesses. We’re working to change the practices of consumers, restaurants and groceries – to get them to 1) stop all sales/consumption of swordfish, or 2) sell/consume only swordfish caught by fishing methods that do not threaten our ocean ecosystems and wildlife. As more and more fishermen are making the switch to eco-friendly deep-set buoy gear and harpoons, supporting sustainably caught swordfish has never been easier!

Ready to get involved? Learn more about #BUOYCOTT, and then get started with our Activist Toolkit to Boycott Unsustainably Caught Swordfish, where you'll find everything you need to join the movement and become a voice for swordfish and other species. You can also find a handy list of resources below.
Activist Resources:

  1. Pledge: I won’t eat swordfish that was caught using fishing methods that threaten our ocean ecosystems and wildlife
  2. Sample Letter to Send to Businesses
  3. Sample Script to Call Businesses
  4. Guide to Writing a Letter to the Editor
  5. Printable Consumer Cards to Take to Businesses [PDF]
  6. Social Media Kit
  7. Responding to Swordfish Articles and News Outlets
  8. International Swordfish and Fisheries Fact Sheet
  9. How is Your Swordfish Caught? A Beginner’s Guide to Commercial Fishing Methods
  10. Still Eating Seafood? Check out Sustainability & Seafood: Your Beginner's Guide to Seafood Dining
  11. California's Drift Gillnets Fact Sheet
  12. Boycott Restaurant List