Photo/Richard Ling
Great Barrier Reef at Risk

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is at Risk of Losing World Heritage Status

The Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area is threatened by massive fossil fuel projects that are destroying and polluting seashores, bays and coral reefs important to endangered sea turtles, dugongs, and snubfin dolphins.

These include refineries for processing natural gas piped from inland fracking wells. Coal facilities from distant mines. Industrial ports for ships to carry gas and coal to sea. All are currently being built or planned in the Great Barrier Reef despite public outcry, protests and a warning that its World Heritage status could be revoked this year.

Speak out for the Great Barrier Reef by commenting on the draft Strategic Assessment by January 30, 2014.  Take Action below!

When final, the strategic plan will determine whether the Great Barrier Reef remains one of the natural wonders of the world, or will be sacrificed for fossil fuel facilities and the short-term profits of multi-national corporations.

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Photo by Richard Ling