Keep Sea Turtles Safe in the South China Sea and Beyond!

The tragic TV footage and disturbing photos of rows upon rows of dead, slain or severely injured sea turtles on the deck of a Chinese and a Filipino fishing vessel shocked the world. More than 500 protected green and hawksbill sea turtles were illegally harvested near the west coast of the Philippines without regard to the species survival or international laws.

Now, the endangered sea turtles that swim the South China Sea are innocent pawns in rising political tensions. The vessels poaching these ancient ocean dwellers did so in ocean territories being disputed by China, the Philippines and other nations. Most of the more than 500 sea turtles were dead (though some survived and were returned to the sea). These are among the tens of thousands of sea turtles taken illegally and greedily each year despite national and international protections around the world.

The U.S. has voiced its concern about the illegal capture of these endangered sea turtles in the South China Sea, but more must be done to protect these iconic and endangred sea turtles. Join us and urge the U.S. must do more.

Please sign our petition and call on Secretary John Kerry to impose trade sanctions on all nations that violate international laws protecting sea turtles!

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