Pacific Leatherback Conservation Pledge

The Pacific leatherback sea turtle is now California’s official marine reptile, and forever a symbol of the state’s natural history and conservation ethic. The state of California has designated October 15th this year and every year after as Pacific Leatherback Conservation Day!

Take the Pacific Leatherback Conservation pledge today!  Your promise to take actions that protect leatherbacks and their environment is an important step to slowing the decline of these critically endangered sea turtle towards extinction.

The critically endangered Pacific leatherback travels more than 6,000 miles across the ocean from Indonesian nesting beaches to feed on jellyfish along the California coast. Throughout that journey, they are faced with threats such as commercial fishing from drift gillnets and longlines for tuna and swordfish and plastic debris that they ingest by accident. Commercial fisheries and illegal poaching have decimated the population of Pacific leatherbacks by 90 percent.

Once leatherbacks reach the California coast, they are not out of harm’s way. The California drift gillnet fishery creates yet another deadly obstacle. This fishery is lethal to marine mammals, sharks, and sea turtles which are frequently caught and killed as bycatch.  

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Pacific Leatherback Conservation Pledge

In observation of Pacific Leatherback Conservation Day, October 15th, I pledge to taking these actions to help protect Pacific leatherback sea turtles and California's ocean's ecosystem:

I will get involved and engage others in protecting California's critically endangered leatherback sea turtles on Pacific Leatherback Conservation Day and throughout the year;

I will not eat or purchase seafood caught in high-bycatch fisheries, such as swordfish or tuna caught with longlines or gillnets or wild shrimp caught with bottom trawl nets;

I will reduce use of disposable plastic because I respect the beaches and ocean as sea turtle habitats and will work to keep these marine environments clean;

I will support the advocacy work of Turtle Island Restoration Network at SeaTurtles.org and share their calls to action with friends and family!