Photo by George Duffield
Photo by George Duffield
Protect Whales – End California’s Deadliest Catch

Support Whale Protections in the CA Drift Gillnet Fishery – End California’s Deadliest Catch

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 12.14.43 PMTake Action below to support the new whale protections and call for the phase out of California’s Deadliest Catch. Deadline October 4, 2013.

New federal emergency fishing regulations are forcing California’s drift gillnet fleet for swordfish and shark to stop fishing for the season if a single endangered sperm whale gets entangled in a net. While these emergency measures are supposed to prevent whale deaths in the short term, the real fix is to phase out this obsolete and wasteful fishery once and for all. Read more about the emergency measures here.

To help speed the phase out of the CA drift gillnet fishery, published a new online exposé calling for an end to the gillnet fishery titled, California’s Deadliest Catch. Download and share the report and backgrounders here.

Read our blog in the Earth Island Journal here.

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