Louisiana Shrimp Red-Listed as Deadly to Sea Turtles

As a result of our scientific review and input, the national seafood choice guide Seafood Watch finally put Louisiana shrimp on its Red List as seafood to be avoided due to harm to endangered sea turtles. So if you haven’t already stopped eating Louisiana shrimp, please stop now.

Take Action for Sea Turtles! Send the message below to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal demanding he repeal the state’s outdated and cruel law that allows the shrimp fleet to fish without enforcement of sea turtle protection laws that require Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs).

Tell Governor Jindal that the time is right to reverse Louisiana’s outdated laws in time for the international meeting of sea turtle scientists in New Orleans in 2014.

Photo: A sea turtle escapes a shrimp trawl net through a Turtle Excluder Device. NOAA photo.