Tell Governor Jindal to Revoke the Outlaw Shrimper’s Permit & Enforce Federal TEDs laws

Federal laws to protect sea turtles in Louisiana waters are being willfully unenforced by LA Governor Bobby Jindal. A culture of outlaw shrimping has ensued, endangering untold numbers of endangered Kemps ridley sea turtles. Here is one tragic example:

Recently in Louisiana, a shrimper named Herman Williams, Jr. was penalized by federal judge Karen Wells Roby for sewing shut the “sea turtle escape hatch” in his shrimp net. His penalty: A $10 fine!

A fine of just $10, even though he risked the lives of untold sea turtles…

Even though the “escape hatch,” called a Turtle Excluder Device, is a sea turtle protection required by federal law…

Even though Williams’ first violation for failing to have a TED originally received a $15,000 fine, and he was expected to be given a $25,000 fine and jail time for the second violation…

Even though he admitted he was guilty!

Louisiana’s terrible record of ignoring law-breaking shrimpers contributed to this judge’s ridiculous decision.

Please sign the petition below and tell Governor Jindal to revoke Williams’ permit and start enforcing federal TEDs laws.