Testimonials from Cocos Island Expeditions

By April 3, 2014June 6th, 2018News Releases

 Yee Ping (Pinky) and Claus Fruehwein Wiesloch, Germany


It was a wonderful trip! Love all the always-good-looking-smiling-crews! Diving was good and great dive masters. We enjoyed your warmth hospitality a lot. Thank you for giving us such sweet memories back to Germany.

The experience on the DeepSee was an eye opening trip! It is a unforgettable memory through our life. Felipe our pilot is very experienced, funny and knowledgeable; thus we enjoyed the ‘ride’ with him a lot. Especially the gliding mobula rays that played with us more than 10 minutes. DeepSee Rocks!

Thank you for giving us such an amazing experience. We strongly recommend this trip and we will be back.

Sunny regards,
Pinky & Claus



Janet Thomas, Chicago, IL

What an adventure! This is my second time to Cocos Island and this time even more amazing that the first time. Being involved with Ocean Conservation and having an opportunity to assist with the shark and turtle tagging was pure joy. I came on this trip not knowing anyone, and leaving with lifetime friends, beautiful pictures, and stories that I will be sharing back home.

I took the opportunity to join DeepSee and answer my question of what does it look like at 1000 feet….very cool! The DeepSee was awesome!

As a long time diver I was always curious about what lies in the deep and now I know. The descent trough the layer of cold water; Visibility with intense blue; the Wall Illuminated as if it was the dark side of the moon; and the ascent is magical with bubbles everywhere that look little tiny diamonds. A lovely Experience! Thank you to the staff of the DeepSee!

The team on the Argo is impressive, the food delicious, and the diving a wonderful experience. Thank you!

Mark, San Diego, CA – Another fantastic trip on the Argo – my 3rd on the boat and 5th with the UHG family. The vis wasn’t as good on this trip as it’s been on past trips, but there were still sharks to be seen and turtles to be caught and tagged. The trip companions were fabulous, and the crew was outstanding as always. A big thanks to Rafa for keeping track of us while we were below the water – a welcome sight to surface to.  Bryan and Yoyo were great DM’s and Javier was always smiling.
I’ll be back.

Mike and Nonie Silver, Mason Neck, VA –Great fun to join the PRETOMA \TIRN expedition for yet another trip. Fantastic as always. Wildlife underwater is great; Crew above water is equally wonderful.

Bill Whitmarsh, San Diego, CA –It was splendid!! – I felt very happy, and very safe. Great dive masters. Everything is thought through very carefully on this boat to make guests comfortable. Extremely efficient and hard working crew. Would definitely recommend this live aboard.

Deborah Kearney, San Diego, CA – First class operation, as always!! The crew was outstanding – very professional, helpful and fun. This was the vacation of a lifetime, and I will definitely be coming back again next year.

Thank you to UnderSea Hunter for providing these testimonials!