The Battle Continues at Roy’s Pools

By January 31, 2009Uncategorized

The last Saturday Restoration Day of January came with clear, sunny skies once again – bad for the endangered coho but great for those of us working hard to restore the riparian area. Many of our wonderful volunteers came out to help us beat back the invasive blackberry that has been choking the area around Roy’s Pools. We cleared another sizable area and uncovered native blackberry bushes once oppressed by the suffocating weight of their Himalayan counterpart. We also managed to clear out the remnants of what was once the¬†SPAWN¬†nursery, making way for great areas to plant more of our native species. Big thanks as usual to our volunteers and all the new faces! I had a great time and can’t wait to get back out next Saturday (February 7th) to keep up our efforts. Lets keep our fingers crossed for rain!!