“THE COVE” Coming to a Theatre Near You Don’t Miss It!

By June 25, 2009Sea Turtles

I just saw a preview showing of “The Cove,” and this film is going to make giant waves when it hits theatres this August. So don’t miss it! This film is much more than a documentary, and if the story wasn’t all true, you might think you were watching a great spy-thriller suspense film. But it is reality, and this film documents a horrific dolphin slaughter in Japan that has gone relatively unnoticed for years. And it uncovers the mislabeling of mercury-laden dolphin meat being harvested and sold in Japan to unsuspected consumers who don’t know that what they are buying is toxic, or the fact that the meat is tied to a horrendous slaughter and a multibillion dollar industry. And if that wasn’t enough, this film also tells this story through the work of Ric O’Barry, the trainer of the most famous dolphin of all, the TV star “Flipper” of the 1960s, and his personal transformation from dolphin trainer to dolphin activist. Lastly of course, this film is being distributed by the same folks (Participant Media), who helped to assure that Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” led viewers to take social action to improve the world. In this case, it is sorely needed to end a tragedy that is blight on human history.