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The Root of the Problem…

Another sunny Saturday! The nice weather brought out many new (and very old) volunteers of all ages for an exciting day of restoration. We worked diligently to uncover the buried root systems left behind after the last few weeks of clearing blackberry. Shovels plunged deep into the soft earth pulled up the giant tuberous growths with a gratifying ‘snap!’ The overturned soil was great for planting our natives. Many buckeye, hazelnut, coyote brush, and even some pacific ninebark – a flowering shrub that grows right beside the water’s edge – were put into the ground, completely transforming the site. BIG THANKS to all the new and returning members for making it such a lovely and productive day! We’ll be back again at Roy’s Pools next Saturday (the 28th) to work on the opposite creek bank, and hopefully do some maintenance on plantings from the past. See you at the creek!