With the support of thousands of members and activists, the Sea Turtle Restoration Project delivered a detailed comment letter to the National Marine Fisheries Service calling for expanded closures of the deadly tuna longline fishery to protect the extremely imperiled insular population of false killer whales in the Hawaiian Islands.

We demanded improved calculations that include serious injuries and deaths observed from all fisheries, not just the tuna longline fishery, to trigger new closed areas that ban deadly fisheries from the marine mammal habitat.

Click here to download a copy of the huge comment letter submitted, complete with personal comments from hundreds of members urging immediate action to save Hawaiian false killer whales.

The Sea Turtle Restoration Project also signed on to a technical comment letter with our key allies in this fight for increased protections that was written by an expert team of lawyers and biologists. Click here to download a copy of the coalition comment letter.

We will continue to advance new actions for sustainable ocean solutions that benefit sea turtles and marine mammals, and to support the biodiversity of the world’s ocean. Visit our Action Center and take action!

Photo/Stefan Thiesen