Thank you for your interest in emailing US Congress.

Unfortunately, this action is for US supporters only.

You can speak up for endangered species and the Endangered Species Act by participating in the White House Call In this Thursday, September 26. The White House needs to know that there is widespread opposition, in the United States and around the world, to these new regulations that eviscerate the world’s most successful piece of conservation legislation.

Call the White House Thursday, Sept. 26 at (202) 456-1111.

Below is a short sample script, but feel free to use your own words:

I am calling to inform the President that I do not support his administration’s regulatory changes to the Endangered Species Act. This law is one of our most successful conservation tools and has helped keep some of our most iconic species from vanishing into extinction.

These changes will substitute politics for science and will make protecting imperiled species much more difficult.

We have a responsibility to future generations, as well as to our own, to protect these plants and animals. These changes are an outrageous betrayal of those responsibilities. I am asking that the White House rescind these changes and direct the federal agencies to carry out the Endangered Species Act as it is written, without revisions.

Thank you for your time.