Huge News! Oil giant Woodside Petroleum just pulled out of Kimberley Browse Basin Gas Project. The Broome No Gas Community has won a major victory for country! Incredible. The news stories so far are slanted toward industry, but make no mistake – we won this one!

California-based Chevron pulled out about a year ago, the first of many milestones along the way for the Kimberley activists and everyone around the world who helped!

Turtle Island Restoration Network and its members and supporters played a role by pressuring top decisionmakers in Australia to halt the project due its harm to sea turtles, humpback whales, and marine life as well as to the Broome community and lands sacred to traditional owners in the Aboriginal community.

It’s all over the news in Australia. Here’s one story from Perth Now in Western Australia.

Time to cheer, cry and hug!

Photo/Damian Kelly