The sex of sea turtles depends on the temperature of developing eggs, and the temperatures of recent summers have had their impact. Warmer sands result in female hatchlings, while cooler sands result in male sea turtles. In a recent story in Reuters, some Florida beaches have seen a trend in the gender of hatchlings.

There are some Florida beaches with nearly all female hatchlings, with male hatchlings being rare and far in between. The gender imbalance adds another factor to the issues facing hatchlings. With only one in 1,000 hatchlings surviving to adulthood, the overwhelming trend of female hatchlings highlights the importance of fostering the best possible conditions for sea turtles and their eggs.

Climate change is causing sands to become warmer, affecting the genders of baby sea turtles. To find out more about TIRN’s efforts against climate change, you can find it here. To find out more about nursing beach protection efforts, find it here.