[Editor’s Note: This promotion is over. Please check out our online store to view apparel, jewelry and more!]

Turtle Island Restoration Network is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with FLOAT to bring you unique, limited edition sea turtle hatchling shirts. These one-of-a-kind sea turtle hatchling shirts are only available for purchase this week (Oct. 6 – 13th). Shop now at www.float.org.

Pic Monkey Float Collage

For every sea turtle hatchling shirt sold this week, FLOAT will donate $8 to Turtle Island to help us protect sea turtles, and our blue-green planet!

FLOAT sea turtle hatchling shirts come in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes – from gray sweatshirts to blue v-neck tees, and are priced affordably with t-shirts starting at $24. Shop now at www.float.org.

If you are on social media please visit www.float.org and click the Facebook and Twitter share buttons to let others know how they can help sea turtles by purchasing a shirt! Also, be sure to like our Facebook page here and FLOAT’s Facebook page here to get news about the campaign, free giveaways, and other news!