Well-known Chef Thom Fox cites GotMercury.org’s Operation Safe Seafood report as an important reminder to chefs, restaurateurs and seafood retailers about being more responsible with the fish they choose to serve their customers

By March 10, 2011Got Mercury?

Well-known Chef Thom Fox wrote about the GotMercury.org Operation Safe Seafood:  California report on the website Triple Pundit.  Fox writes:

“This report underscores important realities for consumers as well as chefs, restaurateurs and retailers.  The impact that certain types of industry on the environment and our food sources are not fully appreciated and those impacts still exist and are not going away anytime soon despite significant gains in the area of emissions regulation here in the United States.  The harvesting of the large pelagic fish at the top of the food chain poses considerable risks and consequences way beyond the damage to fish populations due to overfishing.   Wise choices for what we choose to purchase and serve require more consideration and examination of data and we need to be asking state, federal and international agencies to participate in the dialogue towards this end.

Chefs and consumers alike should remind ourselves that we hold a significant responsibility to ourselves, our families, our clients and the environment.  It is essential to keep in mind the important link between environmental stewardship and the food we eat.  We all need to be asking important questions about the sources of the foods we eat and serve.”

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