Turtle Island Restoration Network is working with the Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program to encourage people across the world to report wildlife crimes and help protect species like the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle.

Because their shell is so beautiful, hawksbill sea turtles are harvested to make a variety of jewelry and other objects. The shell trade is banned by international treaty, the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), but illegal trade continues. In fact, wildlife trafficking is a multi-billion dollar international industry, with a low number of arrests and convictions.

The Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program provides a secure and completely confidential online platform where individuals across the world can report wildlife crime to connect with attorneys who can help submit their reports to U.S. authorities and apply for rewards under the appropriate U.S. law(s).

You can learn more about the Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program by reading this fact sheet or visiting their website.

You can learn more about hawksbill sea turtles on our website.