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    Turtle Island and its suite of marine restoration programs work to protect endangered marine species, save critical ecosystems, improve consumer choices, encourage government action and inspire corporate responsibility.

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    Make a difference for the future of sea turtles, sharks, salmon and other ocean wildlife with an online donation.


Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration Push to Slash Protections for Waterways, Wetlands

June 13, 2018

Conservation groups filed a lawsuit today challenging two regulations that weaken Clean Water Act protections for rivers, streams, wetlands and other waterways, including...

Balloon’s Blow. Don’t Let Them Go!

June 7, 2018

When balloons are released, they blow away, pop or deflate, and fall back to the Earth, usually in the ocean, as marine debris. Marine debris traps, entangles, suffocates...

Marine Debris Cleanups: Every Piece Counts!

June 6, 2018

There’s a beautiful bay on Maui’s northeastern facing shore called “Ka'ehu”, where endangered species are spotted and Hawaiian practitioners can still connect wit...