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The Salmon Protection And Watershed Network (SPAWN) was initiated as part of Turtle Island Restoration Network in 1997. Each year, we engage hundreds of people to see and learn about critically endangered salmon, restore watershed habitat, raise native redwood trees, and study salmon health.

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We protect endangered, wild coho salmon and the forests and watersheds they need to survive in Marin County, California.

What We Do

Habitat Restoration Projects

Native Plant Nursery

Critical Land Acquisition

Homeowner & Landowner Assistance

Salmonid Research & Monitoring

Save California’s Tule Elk

10,000 Redwoods

Creekwalk Tours

Field Trips & Habitat Gardens

Sustainable Salmon Policies

Why It Matters

  • Central California Coast coho salmon have declined more than 95% from historic levels
  • The Lagunitas Watershed supports 10-20% of surviving coho
  • The 20-year average for adults and nests is only 20% of the federal recovery goal
  • Warming weather increases the temperature of freshwater streams, making salmon more susceptible to predators, parasites and disease
  • Developed parcels in the watershed is expected to increase by 22%
  • Dams and culverts blocked access to spawning grounds and degrade habitat

What You Can Do

Volunteer with SPAWN

Help restore habitat for endangered coho salmon by volunteering with SPAWN.

Adopt a Redwood

Help us restore and protect this endangered species.

Intern with SPAWN

We offer residential internship positions in Olema, California with housing.