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Every year SPAWN contributes valuable research and ensures local populations of endangered coho salmon can thrive by surveying fish populations, testing water quality, and observing patterns of survival in one of the most important watersheds left for endangered coho salmon.

Fish Population Surveys Two species of salmonid—endangered coho salmon and threatened steelhead trout—are found throughout the Lagunitas Creek Watershed in Marin County, California. Coho salmon and steelhead populations in the watershed have fluctuated widely since 1970 and are significantly reduced from anecdotal reports of large historic populations. SPAWN’s goal is to recover the species and In collaboration with local, state, and federal agencies, SPAWN helps monitor and track these fish populations. Each spring we run a monitoring program on the San Geronimo where we count young salmon, known as smolts, as they’re starting their migration to the sea. In the winter we lead spawning surveys in search of the adult fish and their nests (redds) on tributaries to San Geronimo Creek.

Watershed & Wildlife Monitoring Lagunitas Watershed is a rich and diverse environment with many different types of habitats. The watershed is also home to a diverse set of wildlife, ranging from woodrats to mountain lions. Subtle changes and surprising appearances can tell us a lot about the health of our watershed. By monitoring local wildlife through surveys, motion- and temperature- sensor cameras, and collaboration we can learn about wildlife in a way that informs future actions and supports healthy ecosystems for generations to come.

Fish Rescue SPAWN surveys our local streams and pays close attention to salmon populations and water levels. If a creek or pool is in danger of going dry, SPAWN will work with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to relocate fish out of drying pools that would otherwise perish.

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