Plastic pollution impacts critically endangered sea turtles at every stage of their life.

We’re advocating for policy change and personal lifestyle alterations to help us save all marine species from an increasingly urgent threat: human-produced plastic.

How We End Plastic Addiction

Inspire Consumer Change

Our campaigns help you make more sustainable choices, raise public awareness about the amount of microplastics in seafood, and alert consumers to the high plastic content that is polluting oceans and waterways around the world.

Encourage Government Action

Our strategic litigation and advocacy campaigns enforce stronger protections for endangered species and their habitat.

Research & Monitoring

Our multi-year research has revealed exorbitant amounts of microplastics infecting our beaches.

Environmental Education

Our classroom visits, beach cleanups, art installations and more raise awareness on the importance of preventing plastic from entering our oceans and waterways.

Take the Pledge: Say NO to Balloons!

When released, balloons suffocate and entangle endangered species like sea turtles. Do you part to keep balloons out of the ecosystem by pledging to NEVER use balloons.

Take the Pledge

Our Victories

Collected more than 17,000 ounces of monofilament fishing line from Texas beaches to prevent marine animals like seabirds and sea turtles from death by entanglement.

Launched a microplastics sampling program with students and partner organizations across the Texas coast.

Sued the Trump administration for failing to protect green sea turtle habitat, which faces threats from plastic pollution.

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