Bring the Bag

To help the City of Galveston work towards the reduction and elimination of single-use plastic bags, we teamed up with Surfrider Galveston to create Bring the Bag for a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment.

One person uses over 500 plastic bags per year, and these bags can enter our waterways, oceans and litter our beaches.

Sea turtles often confuse plastic bags for jellyfish and can be harmed or even killed by plastic bag litter. The good news? You can prevent a source of single-use plastic from entering our oceans and waterways by joining the Bring the Bag campaign today! Simply make a commitment to bring reusable grocery bags when shopping, and stop the wasteful cycle of single-use plastic bags on Galveston Island!

What if Your Food was Plastic?

Our Impact

Installing “remember signs” at grocery cart returns

Reminds shoppers to bring their reusable shopping bags, educates visitors to be good stewards of the environment by marketing Bring the Bag, and promotes Galveston as an eco-destination.

Declaring April 22 as “Bring the Bag Day” in the City of Galveston

Supports Bring the Bag by encouraging businesses, restaurants and hotels to join and encouraging contracted vendors to reduce and eliminate single-use plastic bags.

Testifying at public hearing on overturning cities ability to pass bag bans

Highlights how bans aim to curb litter and reduce other environmental issues. (Despite this, the Texas Supreme Court struck down the city of Laredo’s plastic bag ban, effectively ending about a dozen similar policies in other Texas municipalities.)

Join the Campaign

Take the Challenge

Vow to go single-use plastic bag free for 30 days!

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Our sea turtle tote bags are an eco-friendly choice.

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