SPAWN offers free habitat enhancement consultations for residents living on creekside properties in the San Geronimo Valley. Providing appropriate habitat to wildlife along riparian corridors keeps ecosystems healthy, benefiting homeowners as well as the diverse array of wildlife that live in riparian zones, including fish and amphibians, terrestrial wildlife such as birds and squirrels, and beneficial insects.

The consultation will take approximately 1 to 2 hours and will focus on understanding concerns the resident may have about the property and discussion of concepts for habitat enhancement and restoration. Residents will be able to learn about riparian habitat areas. Native and invasive plants existing on the property will be identified and residents will learn about the native plant ecosystem that would naturally grow on the property. A conceptual plan for habitat enhancement will be developed.

The native plants recommended for restoration can be found at the SPAWN Restoration Nursery, which is currently growing about 100 species of plants. The plants grown at SPAWN Nursery are being grown for restoration projects and habitat enhancement. Seedlings grown in the nursery are sourced from the Lagunitas creek watershed. The plants are adapted to the local conditions. We request that residents who source plants from SPAWN provide a donation to help with the cost of nursery operations.

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity, please contact Ayano Hayes, Watershed Biologist, at or Audrey Fusco, Restoration Ecologist, at


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