The 10,000 Redwoods project provides a direct way to engage in the climate change challenge through the simple act of planting trees to sequester carbon, and restore habitat where ancient redwood forests once grew.

If you have additional questions, please email or call (415) 663-8590.

Where are you going to plant 10,000 redwoods?
We are initially focusing on planting redwoods in Marin County, California in partnership with public agencies and private landowners. Our goal is to plant redwoods within their historic range in Northern California and are in discussions with partners in Sonoma and the East Bay.
Are you really planting 10,000 redwoods?
The number 10,000 draws its inspiration from the technical definition of a 'myriad' and metaphorically means an indefinite large number of things, or limitless. For us, the actual number is less important than engaging people directly in planting trees to take action against climate change.
Are you only planting redwoods?
Redwoods are the iconic species around which we are rallying action. Our restoration projects are ecosystem-focused. This means that when we restore an area, we are not only planting redwoods - we are also planting ferns, alders, willow, juncus, thimbleberry, trailing blackberry, hairy honeysuckle, manroot, and more.
How much does it cost to adopt a redwood?
You can adopt a redwood for as little as $100. All adoption packages include a personalized adoption certificate and other materials about endangered redwood trees, and have the option to be dedicated and sent as a gift to or in memory of an honoree.
Can I visit my adopted redwood?
Our redwoods are planted on public and private lands so access can be limited. If you are interested in visiting a tree that you have already adopted, please contact us right after you adopt the tree so that we can do our best to plant your tree in a convenient location.
How can my school get involved?
We cannot get all the redwood seedlings started ourselves, so we are partnering with select schools to help us grow seedlings. If you are interested in participating in this unique program, please contact our Native Plant Nursery Manager Audrey Fusco at
Are you tree huggers?
Yes, we like hugging trees. We hug dogs and people, too.

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