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The administration is failing to protect green sea turtles.


Victory at Sea!

Court rules longline fishing unlawful.


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Ask Congress to vote in favor of banning large driftnets in federal waters.


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We protect endangered Coho salmon in Marin County, California.


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Our community art project in Galveston, Texas.


Victory at Sea!

California will phase out the use of large-scale driftnets!

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Turtle Island Restoration Network is a leading advocate for the world’s oceans and marine wildlife.

Our work is based on science, fueled by people who care, and effective at catalyzing long-lasting positive change that protects the likes of green sea turtles, whale sharks and coho salmon.

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Cocos Island Expeditions take divers to experience, view, and photograph the incredible marine biodiversity of the East Pacific, as well as participate in crucial research to protect these treasured waters.

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Restored over 100,000 square feet of crucial creekside habitat for wild coho salmon through native plantings, bank stabilization, and floodplain restoration.

Began and supported nesting beach programs in Central America that prevented egg poaching resulting in more than 1 million additional sea turtle hatchlings.

Closed down 250,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean to the Hawaii longline swordfish fishery and the California driftnet fishery to protect sea turtles and marine mammals.

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“I believe the future of sea turtles is intricately tied to the future of the planet and the wellbeing of humans. What is good and healthy for sea turtles is good for us and all living things.”

– Todd Steiner, Executive Director

Recent News

Lawsuit Launched Over Trump’s Massive Rollback of Pollution Protections for Rivers, Wetlands

| California, News Releases | No Comments
For Immediate Release February 18, 2020 Contacts: Brett Hartl, Center for Biological Diversity, (202) 817-8121, Maia Raposo, Waterkeeper Alliance, (212) 747-0622 x 116, Annalisa Batanides Tuel, Turtle Island…

TIRN Advocates for Marin County Coho at Board of Supervisors Meeting

| California, Coho Salmon, Salmon | No Comments
Annalisa Batanides Tuel, Policy & Advocacy Manager with Turtle Island Restoration Network, speaks at a Marin County Board of Supervisors Meeting on January 11, 2020. Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN)…

End Single-Use Plastics in California

| Action Center, Current Action, Marine Mammals & Seabirds Action, Sea Turtles - Action, Sharks - Action | No Comments
Every day, single-use plastic packaging products generate tons of waste in California. This comes with a tremendous cost to individuals, communities, wildlife, and ecosystems throughout the state—especially the tens of thousands of individual…

Save the Okinawa Dugong from a U.S. Military Base

| Action Center, Current Action, Marine Mammals & Seabirds Action, Sea Turtles - Action | No Comments
The Okinawa dugong is a critically endangered relative of the manatee that holds a central place in the culture of Okinawa, Japan. But the last remaining population of these marine…

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