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  • Sea Turtle Entangled in Balloon Strings

    Say “No” To Balloons

    Will you take the pledge to not release balloons? When balloons are released, they blow away, pop or deflate, and fall back to the Earth, usually in the ocean, as marine ...

  • Thresher_Gillnet-01-3

    Ban Death Nets

    Join us in calling on California to pass SB 1017, a bill to protect dolphins, whales, and sea turtles by ending the use of large-scale driftnets. We can win!


SPAWN Surveys for Wildlife for Tocaloma

August 16, 2018

To make our Tocaloma restoration project site safe for wildlife SPAWN biologists and volunteers conducted surveys to ensure that no animals would be adversely impacted by...

Tocaloma Restoration Project Underway

August 16, 2018

SPAWN has recently broken ground on our most ambitious habitat restoration project yet, to restore a mile-long reach of Lagunitas Creek. The goal of this project is to en...

Taking to the Sky to Assess Hawaiian Sea Turtle Nesting Activities

August 16, 2018

Hawaiian Program Director Cheryl King has been conducting aerial surveys of Lanai to assess green sea turtle nesting.

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