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July 2008

Water Conservation Initiative Protects Against Drought, Fight Global Warming & Helps Protect Salmon Streams

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The Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN), with funding from the Marin Community Foundation, has launched its Stormwater Catchment & Water Conservation Initiative for Marin County residences and businesses.

The simple idea behind the program is to collect and store rainwater in the wet winter months and use it for irrigating gardens, lawns and landscaping in the dry spring and summer months.

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California Legislature Urges Sea Turtle Protection from New Swordfish Fishery

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SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Legislature today adopted Assemblyman Mark Leno’s Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 62 opposing federal proposals to permit swordfish longline fishing in vital sea turtle habitat off the California coast. The resolution specifically requests that the National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS)- the federal agency responsible for managing the nation’s fisheries-deny or delay consideration of new West Coast fishing permits for swordfish until critical habitat is designated for the Pacific leatherback and ongoing studies determine if the Pacific loggerhead should be up-listed from “threatened” to “endangered” are completed.

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Sea turtle nesting season breaks all records on the Texas coast!

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The nesting season for the endangered Kemp’s ridley is over. A remarkable total of 192 nests were found along the Texas coast compared to 128 in 2007. This is the fifth consecutive year for nesting increases. Nests were found from Boca Chica Beach near the Mexican border to Bolivar Peninsula and beaches in between. The first leatherback nest in 30 years was found as well as a loggerhead nest on the Padre Island National Seashore where 91 of the 192 ridley nests were documented. Three green turtle nests were also found this year. The public is invited to witness the release of Kemp’s ridley hatchlings at the Padre Island National Seashore. Anyone interested can call 361-949-7163 for dates of the public releases.

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Indigenous People in Papua New Guinea Petition Government to Suspend Seabed Mining in Territorial Seas

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More than 80 participants attended the meeting organised by the Madang People’s Forum and attended by community representatives from Manus, Kairiru island, New Ireland, Bagabag Island, Karkar Island, Riwo, Gildiasi, Rai Coast, and the statement was also endorsed by representatives of the Ramu River Authority, Simil Hondulwa Evangelical Alliance of PNG, New Ireland Students Association of University of Technology, Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Alemewo Foundation, the Catholic Church, Madang Rehabilitation and presented from Vanuatu, Porgera, plus observers from surrounding community based organisations, school teachers and students.

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