Marin Superior Court Judge Haakenson has denied SPAWN’s request for an injunction against development in

the San Geronimo Valley before Marin County’s completion of a Court ordered Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR), but indicated he will take action if the County continues to delay.

The purpose of the SEIR is to inform decision-makers and the public what the impacts of the proposed development build-out allowed will have on salmon under the challenged 2007 County Wide Plan.

SPAWN sought the injunction because the County has still not completed the proper study, even after the Appeal Court ordered it more than three years ago, and more than 10 years after SPAWN informed the County it believed the County had failed to properly analyze the impact of development on endangered salmon before filing suit.

While Judge Haakenson did not believe an injunction was the proper remedy to pressure the County to act, he expressed his frustration with the County delay saying he “will more strenuously encourage the county (of Marin) to expedite” the completion of the supplemental environmental impact report. He ordered a follow-up hearing March 3rd giving the County a few more weeks to act.

Our goal is protect and recover Marin’s critically endangered Coho salmon through the enactment of common sense, science-based rules that will allow these magnificent animals to survive us. We hope to support the efforts of our newly elected Supervisor to allow the fish to thrive for current and future generations.

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