Beautiful Table from Redwood Created for SPAWN

By March 25, 2023March 28th, 2023California, Native Plant Nursery

We want to thank Julian Eusebio Anaya for creating and donating one of the most beautiful tables we’ve ever seen!

Julian is the owner of a local landscaping company based in Novato, called Katarina Total Yardscape. Katarina is the word for ladybug in the Michoacán state of Mexico. We met Julian at Home Ground Habitats Nursery, our partner nursery for the Bringing Nature to School program, while he was sourcing native plants for a landscaping project.

Julian is dedicated to ecological landscaping practices, including use of native plants. He re-purposes the wood that he uses to build tables, swing sets, and other building projects from trees that must be removed due to safety issues. The wood for our new table came from a redwood which had to be taken down because it was growing near a house and the base was damaged by fire in 2020.

All of the materials that Julian uses for building projects are reclaimed materials. Please visit for more information about Julian’s work.

You can see the beautiful table below!