Preserving and protecting Lagunitas Creek habitat – California Coho Salmon’s most important watershed.

The Lagunitas Creek Watershed that runs through Marin County, California has been identified as the most important spawning and rearing habitat left in the State for wild Coho salmon, yet critical habitat is disappearing from residential and commercial development.

Millions of dollars are being expended by federal, state and local government agencies, non-profit organizations and community members in studies, monitoring, and habitat restoration activities. Simultaneously, new threats constantly emerge from increased development pressures on privately owned parcels of land, especially along the critically important riparian habitat.

Yet, virtually no effort is currently underway to purchase remaining undeveloped parcels in the headwaters region or to create conservation easements to protect riparian habitat on these private parcels.

Help us acquire critical parcels and land easements.



Hydroseeding at Roy’s Riffles

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Recently, hydroseeding took place at Roy's Riffles! Papier-mâché, fungus, and more were poured over the slopes to help rooting. Watch Preston Brown, our Director of Watershed Conservation, explain the process…

California Considers Cutting Coho’s Water

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The Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) requested emergency state approval in September to reduce dam water releases into Lagunitas Creek this winter, which will take water away from critically endangered…

SPAWN Harvests Over 1,000 Willow Cuttings

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SPAWN recently harvested 1,000+ willow cuttings to help stabilize creek channels at our Roy's restoration site. Willow poles are used to build a brush mattress, which is a bank stabilization…