We help our neighbors repair eroding creek banks, remove invasive non-native species, and replace them with plants from our Native Plant Nursery grown by our volunteers.

Local landowners play a key role in protecting our endangered salmon and maintaining the beauty of our local creeks. SPAWN provides technical consulting on erosion control and habitat improvement projects for streamside residents in the San Geronimo Valley.

Past projects have helped local landowners maintain dirt roads that were distributing unnecessary amounts of dirt into our streams, design environmentally friendly erosion controls and restore creek banks with natural materials. If you are interested in taking up this opportunity please contact Preston Brown, Director of Watershed Conservation, at preston@seaturtles.org.

SPAWN also responds to many calls from concerned citizens about problems or emergencies that impact our streams and rivers. Our staff and volunteers respond to these calls and help refer problems to the appropriate agencies if necessary or find ways to prevent or repair the problem. Learn more here.

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Hydroseeding at Roy’s Riffles

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Recently, hydroseeding took place at Roy's Riffles! Papier-mâché, fungus, and more were poured over the slopes to help rooting. Watch Preston Brown, our Director of Watershed Conservation, explain the process…

California Considers Cutting Coho’s Water

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The Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) requested emergency state approval in September to reduce dam water releases into Lagunitas Creek this winter, which will take water away from critically endangered…

SPAWN Harvests Over 1,000 Willow Cuttings

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SPAWN recently harvested 1,000+ willow cuttings to help stabilize creek channels at our Roy's restoration site. Willow poles are used to build a brush mattress, which is a bank stabilization…