In the last decade, Turtle Island Restoration Network has reached more than 30,000 students and teachers in Texas to inform and inspire them about sea turtles and the Gulf ecosystem.

We reach dozens of Galveston and Houston Area schools, teachers and youth groups each year with our friend ‘Rob the Ridley’ to educate and share news about how to protect these vulnerable sea turtles.

We are proud of our past work with students and teachers to introduce and pass a bill that made the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle an official Texas state symbol.

You can help us reach more than 30,000 students and teachers in the Galveston and Houston area by making a gift today.


Lesson Plans

Turtle Island Restoration Network provides FREE lesson plans to teachers.  These plans have been developed for Texas teachers to use, and all materials needed are easy to find and the plans are aligned with the Texas science standards. We also partner with Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary to bring ocean learning to life in your classroom through curriculum, lessons, activities, posters and more. Please feel free to use the free lesson plans below:

Watershed Lesson Plan

How our water use affects the world.

Litter Service Project

How litter affects our environment.

Paint a Reef Mural

Types of animals that inhabit a coral reef environment.

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere!

Raising awareness of marine debris and its affect on our environment.