Turtle Island Restoration Network joined various organizations and non-profits to urge Congressional leadership to oppose subsidies for fossil fuels, plastics, and petrochemicals. The letter, sent  to Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Rep. Rose DeLauro, asked the two congresswomen to reduce funding for the Department of Fossil Energy Research and Development by 50% for the fiscal year 2022.

Reps. Kaptur and DeLauro were also urged to ensure the Department of Energy Title XVII Loan Program does not fund fossil fuels, plastic, and petrochemical endeavors, including but not limited to, natural gas liquid storage, CO2-toplastics, pyrolysis, chemical recycling, advanced recycling, and gasification projects.

Continuing to fund fossil fuels, plastic, and petrochemicals maintains a harmful legacy of pollution in environmental justice, indigenous, and frontline communities. Efforts should be made to fund transitions to clean renewable energy, rather than propping up the dirty and dangerous industries that have damaged ecosystems and communities for decades. The allocated funds need to be redirected toward sustainable and clean efforts. These budget cuts proposed to Congressional leadership are just the first steps outlined to helping overcome the environment and climate crises of this century.